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11700 Oakwood Preserve Place
Fort Myers, FL, 33913
United States


Graphic Design Advertising Photography Creativity



A Creative Director once told me that I have the rare ability to make a printed page "come alive." That's the kind of work I strive to create — design that is striking, conceptual and memorable — design that moves people and inspires them to react in some way, whether it is to donate to a charity, buy a product, utilize a service, or go to an event.

Throughout this website, I have narrowed my focus to details
of images that best represent the quality of work I do. Also throughout you'll
find commentary from clients, compiled from letters, cards and emails,
many of which communicate their successes, achieved in part through my creativity.

I believe that finding the "essence" of what you want to communicate, and doing so in the simplest, most elegant, or most powerful way, is what captures attention.
"Say one thing, and say it well." — Randi Wolf